Tips for Choosing an Electric Standing Desk

Thinking of getting an electric standing desk or just like reading? Read on… Here’s a general guide to choosing an electric sit stand desk. These desks are becoming increasingly common, both in offices and home office spaces. If you spend a significant amount of time at a desk at home (for work or leisure), you can benefit from having your own electric standing desk. 

Let’s start with a simple question: how big? Most electric standing desks give you three or four desktop size options. Pick the size that gives you all the space you want and still fits your office area well. It may be best to get a size bigger than you think you need for more flexibility. Then you’ll have space for other devices (like a tablet or extra monitor), books, cats, or gold bars on the desk. Desks also come in different forms like standard, corner, or L-shaped. Rather than the usual rectangular shape, you can get a desk with extra space on one side. L-shaped desks effectively give you another desk on one side, while corner versions have a more modest corner extension. The extra space gives you more flexibility to expand your setup and still keep things at your fingertips. Use the extension to position an extra device off to one side or have an alternative setup you can instantly switch to without shuffling stuff around. These kinds of desks are also good for furniture Tetris in the corners of smaller rooms.


Once you’ve chosen your desktop size and shape, your next challenge is choosing a color. Options may include light brown, dark brown, black, and white. Pick according to color preference or to match your home decor.

Something that many people only realize after buying is that the desktops often come in two pieces which are then smoothly joined during assembly. It’s something to be aware of but not concerned about. One-piece desktops are also available, but less common and usually much more expensive.

Yes, I did mention ‘assembly’ but don’t feel daunted. It’s something almost anyone can do with a screwdriver (or drill) and an hour to spare. Most electric sit stand desks can actually be assembled in as little as 30 minutes if they come with clear instructions and well-organized hardware. Some electric adjustable desks even have a super-streamlined assembly process through convenient, integrated design (such as internal controller, motor, or storage).


Electric standing desks are electric for a reason. They are ready to raise and lower at your whim. There are several things to note about this system when choosing your electric height adjustable office desk. Most electric height adjustable desks come with a single motor, but larger desks like L-shaped desks may have two or even three. Motor performance & reliability is critical for an electric adjustable desk. An electric height adjustable desk with a failed motor is just a desk! Certified and lift-tested desks from solid brands tend to be more reliable. High lifting speed and maximum load can also be signs of good performance and reliability, but it depends on your use.


The height adjustment range is important to fit different users and situations. A wider range is good for taller and shorter users as well as more varied user positions. Whether sitting down or standing up, you need the right height. Custom height settings really make switching simple & seamless. There may be two, three, or four buttons to set to your favorite heights. Two is enough for simple switching between sitting and standing heights. Three or more settings means more flexibility for different positions and users. With three heights, you could set an intermediate height for sitting on a tall stall. With four settings, the desk is ideal for regular use by two different users.


Cable management is another thing to think about. The electric desk will include cable clips to organize its own power and controller cables. It will also have cable management holes or slots at the back to direct cables down from monitors, laptops, and other devices on the desktop. Some electric desks even have a cable management tray underneath to store & organize your cables and power strips. If you want more streamlined access to power, you can even look for an electric raisable desk with integrated AC outlets and USB ports on the desk. Check that the type and wattage of any outputs meets your needs. For fast charging at higher wattages, you might need to plug your device adapter into an AC outlet rather than use USB ports on a desk power hub or a power strip.


Storage options start with one or two storage hooks to hang headphones and small bags under the desk. Next comes a slim storage pocket to organize notebooks, papers, and stationery that would otherwise be scattered across your desktop. If you need more substantial storage, you can get an electric adjustable office desk with drawers, monitor stand, or keyboard tray to create more space for your stuff and keep your desk clear of clutter.

Finally, before buying your sit stand electric motorized standing desk, check it’s compatible with your computer monitor or laptop screen. The desk should be HD-ready. All Huanuo Desks are. Of course I’m just joking about this and you can use your monitor or laptop on any desk. Whatever desk you choose, I hope this guide helps you get a desk that changes the way you work or even transforms your life!

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