What a Difference a Laptop Stand Makes

In the previous article with a suspiciously similar name, we looked at the features and benefits of lap desks. In the search for practical comfort and productivity enhancement, we know that some principles apply across a range of solutions. Laptop stands and lap desks are both platforms for laptops, so they share many things in common. Some lap desks even include laptop stands, blurring the line between the two. There are some unique features and benefits to consider too. Let’s talk about it.

Laptop stands can be used for home setup enhancement or flexible on-the-go use in coffee shops, study places, and shared office spaces. Create a better setup on your desk or work well anywhere with a stable surface. You can have your cake at home and take some out to eat too with a laptop stand that works well for both!

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What is the purpose and benefit of a laptop stand? You can certainly work without one, but should you? A little money can buy a lot more comfort. Laptop stands are platforms placed on desks and other surfaces to raise the height of laptop computers for better viewing and more comfort. Multiple studies from experts in the field of ergonomics have found that working hunched over laptops, straining to see text and other details is sub-optimal and really uncomfortable. It really makes sense to seek a solution to the suffering rather than just accept it. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, century after century, you’re ultimately going to get real posture problems. It’s a pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. The good news is, there's no fate but what we make for ourselves. Changing your future can start today with a laptop stand. The power is in your stands!

Correct posture is important for comfort and well-being. When you raise the laptop to your viewing level, you can hold your head high and sit or stand tall. It’s so much more comfortable.

In general, a larger stand with a wider height adjustment range and more height settings is better. However, a compact stand with a little height boost and a couple of heights is right for some users and uses. Think about where you use your laptop and how much extra height you need. If it’s for a semi-permanent work-from-home setup you use daily, it’s worth getting a more substantial adjustable laptop stand with wider adjustment. If you’re an occasional user or often work on-the-go, you can look for something more compact and minimalist.

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Just like lap desks, laptop stands are often made for typical laptop sizes like small 14", medium-size 15.6", or large 17" plus lap tops. For a small laptop notebook computer, almost any laptop stand will work. If you’ve got a larger laptop, you need to pay more attention to stand size and weight-bearing specifications. Laptop stands can also be used for comfortable tablet viewing or book reading.

Most laptop stands are made of plastic, aluminum, steel, or engineered wood. Materials like plastic and aluminum are usually more suitable for laptop stands used on-the-go because they are strong and light.

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Laptop desk stand platforms have a ledge or front bumpers as well as non-slip pads to keep your laptop firmly in place and stop it sliding off. The base will also have non-slip pads to keep it stable on the desk.

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Some laptop stands are actually drawer or shelf units with space for your laptop on top. If you really need some storage to organize stationery, papers, and more on your desk at home, this is a good option.

Laptop stands are becoming increasingly flexible and innovative. Huanuo sub-brand Magno has a modular magnetic laptop stand that switches to a laptop lap desk in a snap. It’s an attractive choice that offers more than standard laptop stands and lap desks combined. 

Whatever ergonomic solution you choose, remember it’s all about angles.

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