Why You Need an Electric Standing Desk

Who needs an electric standing desk? Do you? You don’t need it like you need food on the table; but if you spend a lot of time at a desk you could certainly benefit from using an electric sit stand desk. The main benefits of electric standing desks over standard desks are comfort, flexibility, and health. If these sound good to you, read on…

Comfort is a great place to start for this round-up of electric height adjustable desk benefits AND for your working day! ‘Ergonomics’ is the key word in office and home office comfort. It’s an overused term that’s lost some of its meaning in modern times, but ergonomics is an important area of scientific study. It examines how workplaces, products, and systems can be designed and arranged for people to work or perform other activities more comfortably and efficiently. Ergonomics has the power to change the lives of millions of office and home office workers who spend a large part of their lives at desks.


Standard desks have a standard sitting height that is a compromise for most and there’s no flexibility for switching positions. Electric sit stand desks enable you to switch position from sitting to standing and personalize each position precisely to your height and preference. These motorized standing desks adjust to the right sitting and standing height for each person (that includes any other users of the same desk). Custom height settings make switching simple & seamless. There may be two, three, or four buttons to set to your favorite heights. Two settings is fine for simple switching between sitting and standing for one user. Three or four settings provides more flexibility for intermediate positions (like sitting on a tall stall) or different heights for other users.


The ergonomic value proposition of electric adjustable desks is clear. You can switch between sitting and standing rather than remain stuck in one position all day, and the personalized heights support you to achieve your optimum posture in each position. The ergonomic position and posture reduces strain on neck, shoulders, and back for all-day comfort. It’s great for work, gaming, and any other activities at the desk.


Now, let’s talk about health. What about claims that using an electric standing desk is better for health and fitness? How is this possible and is it really true? Let me say this right away: using an electric sit and stand desk  will NOT replace your gym membership! Using an electric sit & stand desk is not a daily workout. However, it can be a positive part of a healthier lifestyle. An electric height adjustable office desk encourages you to move more at work. When you want to switch it up, you switch to standing. This can also get you moving around the office or home as you think and work through problems independently or with others. Seated at a standard desk, you’re likely to stay stuck like a statue until you NEED to get a coffee or take a comfort break. Using a sit stand electric desk also has a small but helpful health & fitness benefit. Standing engages more muscles and burns more calories than sitting, so using an electric adjustable desk every day can make a meaningful difference. Standing also helps promote circulation in the legs (which may be partially restricted while sitting).

Sitting all day is notoriously bad for health, including associations with increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. It’s important to note that standing all day also has health risks relating to circulation & swelling. Standing is still a static position and requires the circulatory system to work a little harder. For better health, it’s best to change positions and move around regularly.


The right way to use an electric raisable desk is to switch back & forth between sitting & standing periodically during the day (or according to physical comfort and mental state). Some users follow a schedule alternating between thirty minutes, one hour, or more of standing and then the same for sitting. Alternatively, you can stand for a while, sit down to relax any time you feel fatigue or discomfort, and then stand again. Whatever way you schedule your sitting and standing time, take regular short breaks to lightly stretch & move when you switch positions. Drink some water, tea, or the strong stuff (better not make it a double espresso though). Have a little walk around your office area. I know that some people make a living by being living statues, but that’s not your job. Show some life and take some breaks. It’s good for you and good for your work.

For many electric desk users, enhanced mood and increased focus is one of the major benefits. Changing position changes your perspective, and moving gets the circulation going again. It’s an effective, instant solution to lift you out of that afternoon slump or any low point during the day. Take a proactive approach to tasks and find freedom with an electric standing desk. It could change the way you work or even transform your life!

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