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2-In-1 Bed And Lap Desk

  • Tilt

    0° to 35°

  • Adjustable Height

    11.14” to 15.67”

  • Work Surface Dimensions

    23.9" x 14.57"

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1. HNLD19 is designed with foldable legs and dual bolster cushions to allow the laptop stand to be used as either a workstation or bed tray.

2. The lap desk features 5 settings for height adjustment including 11.4", 12.2", 13.43", 14.5", 15.67".

3. The 0° to 35° adjustable tilt angle helps to relieve neck and back discomfort.

4. The laptop bed tray table provides 20.1" of legroom underneath the desk for comfort.

5. Four soft and skin-friendly cushions are integrated into the bottom of the laptop bed tray desk to provide stability on flat surfaces.

6. The laptop computer lap desk features a tablet and phone slot to store your display devices while you work.

7. Huanuo provides a 1-year limited warranty and professional U.S.- based customer support.

4 Soft Support Cushions

The soft and skin-friendly bolster cushions ensure comfort when working on your lap to keep your body insulated from device heat.

Adjustable Height and Angle

The adjustable height and angle buttons on each side make setup easy to configure the best comfort for your preferred position.

The lap desk is pretty self explanatory and has two main features. Its biggest draw is its adjustability. You might see some lap desks out there that only have one height setting, but let me tell you, the ability to change the angle of your laptop is a game changer. You can have it flat when you are laying down in bed, slightly higher if you are sitting up (still in bed) or all the way up at its proudest setting if you're using it as a laptop stand on your desk.

If you’re in the market for a lap desk and you’re looking for the sweet spot between a fully kitted-out contraption and the old textbook you’re using, the Huanuo Adjustable Lap Desk will serve you well.

Product Compatibility
Model Number HNLD19
Type Portable Lap Desk
Material PU leather platform cover, MDF platform, ABS tablet slot, PU leather and foam wrist rest, foam cushions, polyester flower grey cloth cushions covers, aluminum legs, ABS feet
Color Black
Product Information
Platform Dimensions 23.9" x 14.57"
Adjustable Height 11.14” to 15.67”
Package Weight 6.94 lbs
Package Dimensions 24.8" x 16.18" x 3.94"