Why You Only Need a Standard Desk

In a previous blog post called ‘Why You Need an Electric Standing Desk,’ we discussed why you need an electric standing desk! You could certainly benefit from using an electric sit stand desk if you spend a lot of time at a desk. The main benefits of electric standing desks over standard desks are comfort, flexibility, and health. If these sound good to you, an electric adjustable desk is probably good for you.

Now let’s consider the alternative of sticking with a standard desk. WARNING: There are a few strange & surprising asides ahead...

Standard desks have a standard sitting height that is a compromise for most and there’s no flexibility for switching positions. You might be the perfect height for your desk or not worry too much about posture, but you still need to avoid remaining rigidly frozen in your seated position. Stand up and stretch. Take a short walk around the office. Check the air conditioner temperature isn’t set too low.

Life is simpler when you don’t need to decide whether to sit or stand. You also avoid the tricky desk transition between sitting and standing states where time & space function differently and objects & beings can potentially exist in multiple places simultaneously. I might be confusing it with the quantum realm, but don’t take any chances. Use a standard desk.

Sitting all day is notoriously bad for health, including associations with increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. For better health, it’s best to change positions and move around regularly. If you’re using a standard desk, you don’t need to remain chained to it. That’s certainly not very ergonomic! Break those chains! Stand up and stretch. Take a short walk around the office. You still have some freedom. Use a standard desk.

If you find yourself stuck in an afternoon slump while sitting at a standard desk, you’re in serious trouble! The only hope is to somehow drag yourself far enough out of the delirium to get up and go for a walk around the office. Return to your desk somewhat refreshed. Sit back down and... fall asleep! It’s difficult to take a proactive approach to tasks when you’re fighting a losing battle against low energy levels, but keep battling on! Use a standard desk.

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